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The Sabirs' Group

Sabirs’ Group is the benchmark in terms of quality, commitment and innovation in Pakistan’s poultry industry. Our expertise, commitment and patriotism has served Pakistan for many years. Just between us, we have had to overcome many challenges in our journey. Malnutrition, in particular, is a big challenge and it is alarmingly common especially in children. Hence, the idea of Sabirs’ was hatched, with a devotion to ensure availability and affordability of healthy and nutritious poultry products for the people of Pakistan.

The story of Sabirs’ is a story sprinkled with love and seasoned with commitment to quality and health, spanning decades of experience in the poultry industry. We believe that you and your loved ones deserve no less than the best; hygienic and wholesome chicken that offers excellent bang for your buck! Our products are made from the finest chickens, and we are committed to producing top-notch protein enriched products, which not only meet international standards but soar over them. We are proud to deliver the perfect white meat from our state-of-the-art plant to your home, with love of course.



I am Dr. F.M. Sabir, and I am the founder and chairman of Sabirs’ Group. I recognized the potential of the Pakistani poultry industry and the strategic significance of deploying a vertical integration poultry system for the growth and development of the industry, bringing hygienic, nutritious, and tasty chicken and chicken products to more and more people. I followed a simple but impactful philosophy: Think big, think different, think ahead and aim for the best! Sabirs’ has since emerged as the largest business unit in Pakistan’s poultry industry, and has made its nest in the bird house of corporate giants operating in the country. During our journey, we have set a number of revolutionary precedents. We wish Pakistan a healthy, growing, and prosperous future, and we welcome people belonging to all walks of life for further improvement in our quality, products, services and customer care.”


Sabirs’ has years of experience in producing the best quality poultry products, long being a key player in the B2B poultry industry. We have complete control over every step of the production process. Utilizing our state-of-the-art quality management system, we have successfully implemented a vertical integration process by capitalizing on decades of experience in the poultry industry.


Sabirs’ Group ensures the healthiest environment for parent stock growth, in our expertly managed, state-of the-art breeding farms all across Pakistan. These breeding farms are supervised by specialized nutritionists, as well as health and housing professionals.

Our farms are fitted with automated ventilation, efficient cooling, heating, as well as drinking and feeding equipment. A bio-security program is also strictly implemented to minimize the risk of diseases among chicks, which results in excellent quality eggs. The best quality eggs are chosen, fumigated and cooled down inside air-conditioned and humidified egg storage rooms to be dispatched in sterile and environmentally controlled vehicles to Sabirs’ hatcheries across Pakistan.


Sabirs’ Group has some of the largest broiler hatcheries in the country, having state-of-the-art cooling, heating, and humidification systems to provide suitable and consistent environment. Healthy, fertilized eggs are selected carefully and then placed in clean, disinfected incubators. After 18 days, the eggs are moved to hatchers, where chicks start to hatch after a period of 3 days. Hatched chicks are then graded with a sophisticated grading procedure. Our team of vets monitor the day old chicks while administering vaccines. Chicks are then packed in boxes and dispatched to broiler farms in specially designed vehicles to reduce stress and motility during transportation.


Sabirs’ Group has one of the largest broiler farms in the country in terms of capacity. The chickens in the broiler farms eat as much as they need, and drink fresh and purified water from nipple drinkers. These broiler chickens are given high quality and high nutrition poultry feed, and their health and nutrition is monitored closely by our experts.


Scientifically formulated feed is produced in Sabirs’ own feed mills to ensure a balanced diet. Natural greens such as corn, soybean, canola and sunflower, along with multi vitamins and minerals are used for the production of the feed which undergoes stringent quality assessment during production to ensure quality and nutrition.


Highlighting our commitment to quality, Sabirs’ international-standard quality assurance lab is a major contributor in the production process. Our quality assurance lab is equipped with the latest technology, and it not only monitors the entire integration process but also regulates it to ensure that all chicken and chicken products are full of nutrition and as per international food safety standards. Additionally, all international HSE and protective equipment protocol PPEP have also been implemented in the plant.

Processing Plant

State-of-the-art poultry processing plant to produce top quality healthy chicken


Specially disinfected and sterile refrigeration trucks are used for the distribution of our products to ensure absolute quality and hygiene.


Deciding to build upon years of experience in the B2B poultry industry, Sabirs’ Group established a state-of-the-art processing plant to deliver highest quality chicken products for all households under the brand name Sabroso.

Chickens are inspected before they are passed into processing. Only the healthiest, finest quality chickens are selected, which are then slaughtered in halal way by hand as per strict Shariah compliance. Special cones are used to hold the chickens when they are being slaughtered, to prevent any damage to the chickens, and we are the only poultry plant in  Asia to use this method.






Deciding to build upon years of experience in the poultry industry and successful launching of Sabroso, Sabirs’ Group decided to enter in edible cooking oil purely based on soya bean seed. Sabirs’ Vegetable oils (Pvt) ltd. was incorporated in October 2017 as a private limited company to acquire and manage the business related to cooking oil. Initially it started work with B2B in December 2019. Its raw material i.e Soya bean seed imported from USA to produce rich quality cooking oil. The registered office of the company is at 10 Shershah Block New Garden Town Lahore and production facilities are located at 14-km off Faisalabad road Sheikupura. Principle activities of the Company are manufacturing of Soya bean oil and Soya bean Meal. Sabirs’ Vegetable oils (Pvt) Ltd compels itself to manufacturing and marketing products that are safe and healthful for its customers and follow all relevant food laws and standards. It plans to do so by consistently monitoring, evaluating, adapting and continuously improving its processes and materials to ensure that all food products being manufactured are free of physical, chemical and biological hazards. To achieve excellence in the development, production, and marketing of edible oils and meal products in order to maximize customer satisfaction, achieve high levels of growth, minimize costs and maximize profits, resulting in a secure and rewarding investment to our shareholders and investors. Sabirs’ Vegetable oils (Pvt) Ltd seeks to combine improvement and inspiration with industrious resource and risk management to consistently create value for all its stakeholders and play a meaningful and sustainable role in the economic and social development of the Country.


The Story of Sabirs’ is a story of love and commitment to quality and heath, spanning decades of experience in the poultry industry. We, at Sabirs’ believe that your loved ones deserve the most wholesome and hygienic chicken products under the name of Sabroso, which is in compliance with internationally recognized and recommended health and safety standards. We are proud to deliver the finest chicken form our state-of-the-art to your home, with love